Scar Tissue Maintenance

Scar Tissue Maintenance
When you get an injury that needs stitches or needs to heal over long periods of time, there is scar tissue on the wound. Scar tissue can become a problem if it lands up limiting your movement or if it a blow to your confidence.

Massaging the Scar

Just like normal skin, scar tissue needs to learn how to move around in all directions. Use lotion when you do this so it is not as sore on the skin as you massage. Make sure you move the skin in all directions even if some may feel weirder then others, this is usually due to the various shapes of scars on the body. Scar tissue is usually more tight and can be a little more sensitive. 

Scar Pads and tape

These are usually discussed with your therapist first but these help soften the skin by compressing it, it is stuck to your skin like a sticker on your skin so it is not too much of an inconvenience. They are usually worn overnight and most of the molds, if they are not from stitching, are molded into the shape of the scar on the body. For extra reassurance you can also hold the piece of silicone down with a tape or dressing. 


When you first have the scar on your body it is going to be very sensitive to touch, so introducing the scar tissue slowly to all different types of surfaces is a good idea. Start with something reasonably smooth and then build up from there. Rub the sensitive area for one or two minutes at a time. 

These types of injuries do not have any specific type of time period to wait for, all that matter is that the whole time you keep your wound clean and keep an eye on anything that seems abnormal or feels uncomfortable.