Events in South Africa

  • Location: Blairgowrie Gauteng
  • Dates: from 09 Nov 2023 to 08 Feb 2024

Training consists of 5 Online lessons to work through the Theory12 In 1 In person practical lesson to work with Reiki OR 1 MP3 Reiki practical tutorial for distance students Includes comprehensive study notes for each class Certificate for Reiki Level I on course completion Attunement for this level No previous experience required Starts November 2023 Monthly Lessons – full details on enquiry Fee options – Discounted once off payment Monthly payments or payment per class Contact us for detailed course outline Facilitator is an Independen Usui Tibetan Reiki Master Teacher and Jikiden Practitioner

  • Location: Little Falls Gauteng
  • Dates: from 11 Dec 2023 to 31 Dec 2024

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  • Location: Franschhoek Central Western Cape
  • Dates: from 05 Feb 2024 to 05 Feb 2024

We are opening a bespoke pilates studio with beautiful Basi System reformers focusing on private and small class sessions for the ultimate instruction. "Empowering, strength pilates"

  • Location: Vanderbijlpark Gauteng
  • Dates: from 23 Feb 2023 to 31 Jan 2024

Hey Beautiful! Glam Studio SA is a boutique style studio that provides services for your Skin care needs. Located in Vanderbijlpark S.E 4 , Owner Lillian Provides treatments and Services for Skin types : Acne, Sensitive , Dry ,Oily, Combination as well as skin Conditions such as Wrinkles , Malesima , Pigmentation , aging ETC. Our Treatments and Services as well as our customized products will help you achieve noticeable results as well as helping you love your skin Better. Schedule your appointment today for : Your Beauty will Enhance as you become more Knowledgeable about your Skin. ⁂ALGAE PEEL⁂⁂ An Algae Peel is a 100% no chemical natural peeling treatment that exfoliates old cells,rejuvenates skin and restores its complexion.It utilizes the cutting edge technology and unique properties of bioactive compounds naturally produced by specific marine algae that penetrates and dissolve the epidermal layer of the skin, ⁂Reducing inflammations , ⁂Treats melasma,⁂Treats pigmentation,⁂Helps on active acne,⁂Removes dead cells,⁂Tightens pores ⁂Reduce dark circles under the eyes ,⁂Makes complexion even ⁂Treats sun-damaged skin ⁂Reduces the appearance of wrinkles ⁂reduces post-acne scars ⁂Reduces Stretch marks ⁂⁂⁂Peeling is based on the process of regeneration and healing of the natural skin cycle, accelerates the regenerative process ,also stimulates blood circulation and replenishes a lot of vitamins and minerals necessary for beautiful and flawless skin ⁂⁂DERMAPLANING⁂⁂ Dermaplaning is a procedure in which the skin is manually exfoliated to remove dead skin buildup and fine hairs. It’s different from shaving because the intent is to improve the appearance of the skin as opposed to the removal of hair, BENEFITS OF DERMAPLANING FACIALS ⁂Makes the skin feel smooth and look super even ⁂Improve how well creams and serums are absorbed into the skin ⁂Dermaplaning is a great exfoliating option for all skin types ⁂Removes soft .