Checking your Chakra

Checking your Chakra
Chakras are a system of seven energy centers aligned along the spine and are responsible for dispersing energy around the body through different channels. Some of these are physical and some are not, but that's more for the experts. today we will speak about the first three Chakras

Chakra One

The frst Chakra is based on the base of your spine, this is thought to be the base of your whole foundation of your Chakras. It relates to our basic sense of safety and security. This si the root of your Chakra and must be focussed on whenever you are stressed traveling, juggling too many things, feeling overwhelmed, or just to gather a sense of security and groundedness. 

Chakra Two

The second Chakra is the pleasure Chakra, it is located a few fingers below the navel, After you basic needs are met, you can further move into the world and experience the five senses. Through the five senses we are able to fully experience the world, to compare this to a baby, once the baby has found a sense of security, they begin to explore the world with their eyes, ears and hands. 

Chakra Three

The power Chakra is located in the solar plexus above the navel, this is usually the area in which we establish where we would like to be with our live and the actions that we will take along the way to make that happen. When your actions do not match up to what you are wanting you can feel it in your gut. If you establish your intentions with your actions, then you can establish a stronger sense of identity. 

Chakra Four

The next Chakra is the Heart Chakra, which is obviously in the center of the chest. The heart Chakra relates to everything that is usually associated with the heart, this can be love, compassion sympathy, Once again back the baby, when a child is 2 and younger they struggle to grapple the concept of relationships, but once they get older they begin to understand the importance of other people.