Top five wig dos and don’ts

Top five wig dos and don’ts
Wigs have exploded onto the beauty scene with a nearly unlimited range of styles, textures and colours to suit all your hairstyle aspirations. Developments in technology and materials have allowed anyone and everyone to get natural-looking hair for whatever reason they desire. However, without proper care and maintenance, even the highest quality wig can fall flat. Check out Beauty4Me’s top tips for looking great in your wig.

Do try on multiple wigs before deciding on a purchase.

It is vital to try on as many wigs as possible before settling on a selection. This is because a wig that looks fantastic on the stand may appear very different when positioned on your head. Your face shape, skin tone, and facial features will all impact how your wig looks, so get a good 360-degree look of how each wig fits and ask for second opinions from trusted family members.

Do prioritise a natural looking hairline.

When you’re trying on wigs, make sure you only consider those that have natural hairlines and that blend in seamlessly with your natural hair. The way the hair sits also needs to appear natural with subtle touches such as differences in hair texture and thickness in the downy parts of the hair by the ears and nape of the neck. Your wig should also move in a natural manner when you turn your head, look up or down or stand outside in a breeze. A stiff, unyielding wig that doesn’t move with you will immediately appear fake and can look and feel uncomfortable.

Don’t sell yourself short with a poor quality wig.

Rather buy one good quality wig than a few mediocre styles. By investing in quality, your wig will last longer, keep its shine, and maintain its texture. Real human-hair products are your best bet if you’re looking for a wig that is as natural as possible. A good option to consider is virgin Indian human hair, which can be styled in all the ways natural hair can; it can be flat-ironed, curled, flipped, pinned up, and even altered with colour to customize it.