Weaves: which type is right for you?

Weaves: which type is right for you?
Weaves open up a world of opportunity for those who want to achieve a certain look but don’t want to wait for their natural hair to grow. With a high-quality weave that blends in seamlessly with your natural hair, you can get those lavish locks you’ve been dreaming of. Familiarise yourself with Beauty4me’s breakdown of the most popular types of virgin hair weave to choose from before you settle on a style:

Weave hair that has never been processed is known as virgin hair. It is the most commonly used and sought after type of weave hair because it is extremely versatile and can be treated with different colours. Some of the most popular types of virgin weave hair are Indian, Brazilian, Peruvian, Malaysian and Eurasian.

Indian Weaves

Indian weaves are known for having the thickest texture, which makes them ideal for women with natural, rather than relaxed, hair. Indian weaves are available in a wide range of styles, such as curly, wavy, and straight. Many Indian weaves, such as the bounce coil curl, are low-maintenance and only require a quick application of leave-in conditioner before you are ready to go.

Brazilian Weaves

Brazilian weaves are one of the best options for women of African descent as they complement thicker, coarser hair and have a thick and full texture.

Peruvian Weaves

Peruvian weaves are known for being light, multi-textured and pleasantly free-flowing. It can complement African and Caucasian hair depending on the individual weave’s particular texture. This type of weave is ideal for someone who wants a free-flowing look with a slightly coarser texture to suit his or her natural hair.

Malaysian Weaves

Malaysian weaves are soft and silky to the touch, which makes them the perfect choice for those with relaxed hair or for those with fine and silky hair. Malaysian weaves can be flat ironed to emphasize their silky, straight texture.

Eurasian Weaves

Eurasian weaves are composed of a mixture of Asian and European hair. Like Malaysian weaves, Eurasian weaves are perfect for natural hair that has been relaxed and are known for being smooth, silky and thick.