Top three tips for maintaining your weave

Top three tips for maintaining your weave
Weaves are one of the best ways to give your natural hair a break from styling or to try out a risk-free new hairstyle. However, they do require basic maintenance to keep them in good condition. Check out Beauty4Me’s top three tips to follow for getting the maximum wear out of your weave:

Shampoo your weave once a week.

Cleaning your weave, as well as your scalp and natural hair, is vital. Experts recommend you give your hair a thorough wash once to twice every week. Make sure you gently wash down to the roots to ensure that you reach your natural hair too, as this will maintain your scalp and hair health.

Ensure you dry your weave with care.

After washing your weave, it is important to dry it with extreme care. Ideally, you should try to let your weave air dry, as this will prevent breakage and unattractive frizzing. If you don’t have time to air dry, use a hair dryer on low power to gently dry your natural hair and weave. It is recommended that you avoid towel drying your hair, as a rough tousle damages the links between your natural hair and your weave, promotes hair fall and can increase the chance of nasty split ends and dandruff. Most importantly, ensure your weave dries completely through to the roots after every wash as damp weaves can cause odour.

Choose your conditioning products wisely.

Conditioning hair products are a part of the deal when you get a weave. Make sure you choose a product that is right for your hair by asking your hair salon for recommendations. The quality of your natural hair and weave, as well as your styling habits, will impact the product you choose, so ensure you take these factors into account when making a selection