Top five extensions dos and don’ts

Top five extensions dos and don’ts
Hair extensions are the perfect way to give your hairstyle the length and thickness you dream of. Despite being something of a quick fix, hair extensions do require some maintenance to keep them healthy and natural looking. Follow these tips selected by Beauty4me if you want to get the maximum wear out of your extensions:

Don’t get a new set of extensions straight after removing an old set. It is important to give your natural hair time to recover between hair extension sets. If you give your natural hair and scalp two weeks to rejuvenate between extensions, you will reduce the risk of hair loss, dull colour, and scalp irritation.

Don’t try extensions for the first time on the day of a big event, such as your wedding day. Rarely, the glue used in certain hair extensions can cause allergic reactions, resulting in pain and redness. Try out hair extensions at least a week before a big day to avoid any last minute upsets.

Do brush your hair as gently as possible after getting extensions. Rough brushing is a bad idea because it can cause breakage and split ends in your natural hair. Make sure you invest in a comb that is designed to gently detangle hair to make brushing easier. A detangling mist can also be sprayed on damp hair before brushing to ease you through tough knots.

Don’t style your hair and extensions without good quality protective products. For example, before flat ironing make sure you use heat defensive serum, spray or cream. This will limit the risk of breakage, split ends or even burning when ironing your hair. You will also need to use protective products for curling or flipping your hair. Remember that both your natural hair and extensions need protection during styling.

Finally, do make sure you go to a stylist that is specifically experienced in the art of extensions. Simply being a good stylist or colourist is not enough, as fitting extensions is a skill in its own right.