What to look for in the perfect eyebrow wax

What to look for in the perfect eyebrow wax
Eyebrows are an essential framing feature of the face, they set off your eyes, balance your forehead and can give you a high-fashion look if done just right. What should you look for in the ideal eyebrow wax to ensure you get the perfect shape, thickness and length at your next waxing appointment? Check out these tips compiled by Beauty4me to help you get the killer brows you deserve:

Before you go for an eyebrow wax, it is vital to grow-out your brows first. The optimal time to wait between waxes is eight to twelve weeks, which will allow your brows to fully grow back after they have been tweezed or waxed. Your brow hair should be between 1/8th and 1/4th of an inch for the wax hold it properly, which allows for a successful wax.

Before the beautician begins with your wax, make sure you fully explain the look you are going for. Consider what kind of eyebrow-look works for your beauty routine, as certain shapes or styles require more maintenance than others. For example, a bold big brow, or dramatically arched brow, will require more time to shape in the morning than a natural, neat brow.

Make sure you do not opt for a wax if you are on medication like Accutane or Roaccutane. These kinds of medications thin the skin and weaken your tissue, which can cause it to rip off during the waxing process. Similarly, if you have a skin condition that makes your skin vulnerable to ripping or tearing, ask for a pluck or thread instead of a wax.

Aftercare is important when it comes to perfecting your brow wax. Use a moisturising balm to soothe your skin after a wax. If you have nasty redness after a wax, opt for some colour-correcting cream with a green tint to offset the red. Use a brow kit that matches your brow colour to enhance your new shape after your skin has calmed and the redness is gone.