Laser hair removal and its benefits

Laser hair removal and its benefits
Laser hair removal is a universally popular method of permanent hair removal that many have as a long-lasting alternative to waxing, shaving or tweezing. The treatment permanently removes hair in several stages through multiple treatments by beaming concentrated light waves into the follicles of the hair, which is where the living cell produces each strand. The pigment inside the follicles reacts to the light waves by absorbing their energy, which causes the hair follicle to die. As a result, the cell can no longer produce strands of hair. Laser hair removal is often used in areas that require constant maintenance, such as the face, legs, arms, back, underarms or bikini line.

How can laser hair removal therapy benefit me?

Laser hair removal is an extremely precise technique that allows you to target certain types of body hair. For example, lasers can specifically target coarser body hair with dark pigmentation. Laser hair removal is also a speedy process that is much more effective and quick than manual efforts like tweezing. Each light pulse from laser takes less than a second and an area the size of a coin can be lasered in just a second. Large body areas, such as the legs or the back, can be layered in an hour. Laser hair removal is also known for being reliable. Most patients permanently lose unwanted body hair after just three to seven sessions.

How should I prepare for a laser hair removal session?

Before a laser hair removal session, make sure you limit other hair removal practices, such as plucking or waxing, at least six months beforehand. This is because plucking or waxing can temporarily remove the hair follicle that laser treatment targets. These follicles will be able to regenerate, as they will not be targeted in the laser session. Laser hair removal technicians also encourage patients to avoid too much exposure to sunlight for six weeks before and after laser therapy as sun damage can weaken the skin and make it more prone to sensitivity during the laser hair removal session.