Honey and Facials

Honey and Facials
There are benefits to how honey can help with skincare, it is used for facials and other skincare routines that are offered in some practices. One of the most important things to remember when using honey to use it wisely, it is a substance that is depleting in society. But here are a few benefits of using it.

DIY Honey mask 

Using raw honey can be very beneficial to the skin, it can help with unclogging pores and delivering some kind moisture to the skin. The recommended way to do this is to apply a thin layer of raw honey onto your face, your skin should be slightly damp and should be applied in a circular motion, leave it there for thirty minutes and then wash off with warm water. 

Honey Spot Treatment

Sometimes when we find a zit or pimple on your skin and you land up applying some type of skin treatment that dries out and damages your skin. Another quick idea to help you instead of doing this is to just add a small dab of raw honey, this can be left overnight and washed off in the shower the next morning. mixing this with some lavender oil is also recommended for a natural healing process. 

Honey Bath 

Sometimes when the winter times come, our skin lands up getting a little dry from the weather. One of the best ways to naturally help with this is to have a warm bath with 2 cups of honey as you are running it. Try soak in the bath for about 15 mins, if not just as ling as possible and this should help with your skin. 


You can also exfioliate once or twice a week with half honey and half arm and hammer baking soda. Baking soda offers a chance to exfoliate while the honey sooth and smooths the newly exfoliating skin.  

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