Corporate Offer

If you are a business with multiple physical locations and want to drive real leads and bookings to these locations, then read on:

Beauty4Me is highly optimised to connect customers with businesses in a qualified manner and at a lower cost than conventional cost per click advertising channels.

We don’t just drive an unqualified click, we also drive highly qualified leads including contact details and the answer to certain filter questions via our proprietary Pay-per-Lead and Request-a-Booking functionality, making your conversion process easier and faster.

Benefits of Corporate Listings

  • Individual listings by location
  • Access to a corporate area to manage all listings
  • Consolidated reporting and invoicing (No credit card required)
  • Paid Featured Packages qualify for discounts (1)
  • Flexibility, with fixed price or performance based pricing
  • Free account creation and upload of initial details by location
  • Centralised or decentralised lead purchasing, reporting and control
  • Enhanced conversion options
  • Dedicated corporate page
  • Corporate support

(1) Discounts are based on the number of locations

Why would you do this?

Compare the average cost of our leads to what you are currently paying for a click on either Facebook or Google, then decide?

Benefits of listing on Beauty4Me

  • Get lower cost, qualified contacts and clicks
  • Promote special offers and events for more engagement
  • Improve online visibility in a quality marketplace
  • Manage and optimise your online presence
  • Keeping it simple, no upfront commitment
  • Easy. We will load your listings

What should I do next?

You can contact us to discuss your corporate requirements, find out more in our FAQ’s or just get started by adding your business:

Date Update: 22-03-2022 9:45 am